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Interesting concepts in this piece :) it has a very metallic sound with cool use of dissonance ,kind of like some of the battle tracks in OFF by mortis ghost .Only slight criticisms is I would only advice trying to gain a more balanced track ,instead of having each new synth coming in fighting for volume and therefor bringing up the overall level , maybe automate the volumes or use compression ducking for some parts to avoid clashing , this problem can be also be helped with slight EQ .Also i would say more tonally pronounce the dissonant chords that come up so that they are present in the track rather then sounding like it might be unintentional , but for the purpose and in a video game i see this as a cool little backing track , nice job dude .

Antichamber Antichamber

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think the progression is interesting :) , however for 2 of the main aspects the piano and clap , they seem just a tad to upfront for an ambient track , I would say if possible to EQ the piano to be more warm then agressive and to widen then clap , and in both instances to bring them back in the mix and blend them with reverb and an 500 millisecond delay with alot of feedback should blend the tones and give it a more "Glued" ambient feel . all and all i feel that the track is good and has some dark tones and textures .

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Lightbeat Lightbeat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man I am loving that main chord progression , I think if you were to process the drum beat and particularly the snare , maybe some of the verse synths to a formant type synth you would have in its own a remake but awesome little D&B tune :)

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TheMeq responds:

Thanks for your comment! This track is 5 years old, Might have to do a remake come to think of it :D